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Ronald et Ronald

Leave it to the French to produce quite possibly the single most annoying children’s 7″. EVER. I dare you to listen to these two songs. In their entirety. Is it a voice? Are they robotic chickens? How are they singing about a Pussycat? WHAT THE FUCK?

Couac Couac



  • Walter e. kurtz

    The horror. The horror.

  • Instant headache.

  • Annoying, really annoying!
    And my ears still bleed.
    Obviously, those who made these “songs” hate children.

  • Is that face behind it from that hellish Oneness Space album?

  • “Is that face behind it from that hellish Oneness Space album? ”

    oh yes. instant bliss, buddy.

  • This is brutal.

    Sounds like they ripped of the riff to “You’re So Good to Me” on the second track.

  • Utterly brutal.

    I half expected the second track to turn into a cover of “Proud Mary” after the first couple melody notes, but the hellducks veered in another direction.

  • the contortionist

    Superb. A real grower. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I want Couac Couac played at my funeral.

  • haha. i have a “ronald and donald – kwek kwek” single AND recently bought the lp! i just found out that the “kwek kwek” song has been a hit in holland (1974|4th place|10 weeks)

  • Oh my god, that was painful.

  • I loved every sick second.

  • Hey, Pussycat is actually pretty rockin’! Who needs lyrics when you can have a “couac couac” sound?

  • Wow! This is like a cross between the theme to Gremlins and It’s a Small World on a bad acid trip.

  • OW



  • Didn’t H.P. Lovecraft write a short story about this one?

  • “i just found out that the “kwek kwek” song has been a hit in holland (1974|4th place|10 weeks)”

    OMG and it were dutch “musicians” that recorded the infamous “Ententanz” (“Dance Little Bird”) seven years later. I have the impression that average dutch peoples taste in music is equally terrible as average germans taste.

  • thought i was the only one who ever heard of this.. it was a fixture of my childhood – figured out that if i played it at 33rpm it sounded like two women – not singing ducks, which confused my 3 year old mind

  • wow..could possibly be an ancestor to the equally hideous ‘hamster dance’ song…find the sadist..find the one who concocted it…CUAC CUAC..GO TO CUAC CUAC..CUAC YOU!..Sorry had to get that off my chest…

  • What makes this soo wrong? I love the Hamster Dance song and could listen to that all day but at 1:31 of Couac Couac I had to pull the plug- probably too late to prevent the worst ear-worm of all time. Arrgh!

  • I hate to admit I liked it!

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