Ximo & Judy – Via Brasil

I quite often go to flea markets, in the summer even as often as once a week. Nevertheless I never seem to find any good records on flea markets. Don’t ask me why. This record is a exception to this rule though. It was released on the tiny German Rillenschlange label in 1982. I heard that only 500 copies of the album were ever pressed. While I was skeptical at first due to the late release date I was more then happy when i first listened to the album. Ximo & Judy are two Brazilians who moved to Germany a couple of years before they recorded this brilliant Bossa Jazz album. Half of the songs are covers of classic Brazilian tunes while the other tracks are composed by Ximo. Every track on the album is a winner. Check out the lovely “Samba de Orfeu”, “Vou Vencer” & “E Tao Normal”.


  • Muito obrigao – thank you – for the generous comments. We are Ximo and Judy and no, we are not Brazilians, rather Spanish and American. That was our first album and no, not 500 copies were pressed but a grand total of 1,000! if we remember correctly. Life has moved on and we’ve made other recordings. may we ask in which country you found the record? We now live in Spain but next week will be back in Germany recording with our son. Very best wishes to you and thank you for bringing a wide smile to our faces. (By the way, a professor of theology forwarded us your comment and contact information). Abraço,
    Ximo & Judy

  • Dear Judy and Ximo,

    I hope you and your Kids are well after that long time.
    Are you still playing and are you still in Germany?
    On 12th of August 1989 you where invited by my Parents to play for our wedding.
    That was in Otzberg south east of Frankfurt.
    All guests loved your musik and we offcourse all the more.
    This year on 16th of August we are celebrating our 25th wedding aniversary and we would love to invite you to play for us again, that is if you are still playing.

    Best Regards

    Annette and Wolfram

  • Hey
    Just discovered this “site” and thought I drop a line ….. it has been years, decades, I remember last seeing you (or only looking for you two) in La Pola many many moons ago.
    Still in Frankfurt, everything still functioning regularly and most of the ol’ guys are still around – going to be a grand father for the second time in a few weeks
    Gostei imenso de escutar as musicas d’aquele tempo nosso- ainda tenho umas demo K7s em qualquer lugar
    Um abração par ti e Judy

  • Hola Ximo, hola Judy!
    No sé cómo contactar con vosotros, he visto este hilo y me he dicho ¡a ver si hay suerte!
    Vivo en Valencia (España), por vuestro post, puede ser que vosotros también.
    Hace unas semanas compré de segunda mano vuestro disco Via Brasil y me encantó, esa mezcla de alegría, buena música y dulzura que destila vuestro disco.
    En la contraportada hay escrito “un abrazo” y una firma que parece que ponga Judy.
    Me gustaría saber si la firmaste. Puedo pasar una foto al email que me digáis.
    El mío es dfernavio@gmail.com
    Gracias de antemano. Y voy a poner un rato el disco en la tranquila hora de la siesta.
    Un cordial saludo

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